2021 cyBUY Supplier Show – September 30th 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Make plans to join Procurement Services for the 2021 cyBUY Supplier Show, which will be held on September 30th from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union! Continue reading →


Procurement Services Receives National Excellence Award

Procurement Services earned a 2021 Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement from the National Procurement Institute, Inc.! Continue reading →


Coordinated Purchasing Efforts

Leveraging the state's resources by coordinating efforts to reduce costs for the benefit of all three institutions. Continue reading →


New Report for Cardholders and cyBUY Users

Two new reports have been created by Procurement Services and are available for use!  Continue reading →


Have an Iowa State University Cell Phone?  We have a new email address for you!

The email address has been established for all Iowa State cell phone contract requests and questions! Continue reading →


 Card Services News


Additional Businesses Added to Local Supplier Information Webpage

Before you head to a local business please check the Local Supplier Information Webpage. Continue reading →


 cyBUY Corner


How to Avoid Receiving a cyBUY Order Submission Error Email

After completing an order in cyBUY, have you ever received an email from Procurement Services telling you that your cyBUY order submission failed and that you will need to recreate the order?   Continue reading →


Thank You for Shopping on cyBUY!

Procurement Services holds a monthly drawing to show our appreciation for users across campus who purchase through cyBUY. Continue reading →


 Procurement Spotlight

Spotlighting Recent Successes – Saving Through the Staples Promotional Products Catalog

The Staples Promotional Products Catalog has been available in the cyBUY Marketplace for just over eight months and has already helped departments and units save between 6% and 47% on custom orders!  Continue reading →


Staff Spotlight

Our Staff Spotlight this Newsletter is on Lucas Schau and Matt Linder! Continue reading →


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9/30 - cyBUY Supplier Show (MU Great Hall)

9/29 - cyBUY Amazon Business Registration

9/29 - Travel & Hospitality Card Orientation

10/6 - Procurement Card Orientation

10/12 - Travel & Hospitality Card Orientation

10/14 - cyBUY Amazon Business Registration

10/21 - Procurement Card Orientation

10/27 - cyBUY Amazon Business Registration

11/9 - cyBUY Amazon Business Registration

11/23 - cyBUY Amazon Business Registration

To sign up for training, go to Learn@ISU, sign in and search for Procurement Services. This is not an exhaustive list of training as new events are added a month in advance.