Quick Reference: cyBUY Ordering

1. Open Workday and click on the Procurement App.

2. Click "Connect to cyBUY" located in the left column.

3. Review the information listed below to assure that it is correct.

Requester: Confirm that this is the correct requester (it will auto populate with the name of the individual who logged in). Ship to: Confirm that this address includes your room or suite number (it will auto-populate). If it does not, search by your 4 digit room or suite number (ex: for room 200 you would type 0200) and find the address that contains your room or suite number and your building street address so that your order will reach you. Worktag Information: Enter the necessary Worktag information to identify where this order should be charged. Grant is GR. Gift is EG or SG. Project is PR or CP or FSU. Department Detail is DD. Program is PG. Assignee. 4. Click the ok button when all information has been reviewed and is correct for this order.

5. Click Connect. This will open the cyBUY Supplier Marketplace (ESM) and allow you to see the contracted suppliers from which you can place an order.

6. Select a supplier. Clicking on a supplier will take you to their catalog, allow you to add items to your cart, and click checkout.

7. If you’re wanting to use Amazon Business on cyBUY, click Below for more information. 



7a. If you don’t have access, visit our Amazon Business Training web page to join a training session that will provide you access.

7b. If you do have access, click on the Amazon Business tile on cyBUY. Make sure to complete all of your shopping in the popup window.

7c. If you encounter error messages or restriction messages on Amazon Business, please visit the Amazon FAQ page to help resolve your issue.

7d. If you’re looking to purchase amazon gift cards, Shopping cart options/placeholders/hardcoded payment
                       information: When looking to purchase gift cards... or For all gift card purchasing options...

7e. Choose Shipping Options and Click continue. Ignore the shipping information on the left-hand side. Your ship to address will be added when your requisition is created in Workday.

7f. Click continue. You do not need to select a payment method. The card listed is the master account card for Iowa State University. Your Worktag information will be added to the Workday requisition

7g. Click submit order for approval. No payment or shipping information needs to be changed on this page. All Worktag and shipping information will be added to the Workday requisition.

7h. If you aren’t automatically directed to this View Cart page. click the cart icon in the upper right as shown below.

Click here for ordering gift cards through Tango in cyBUY


8. Click Checkout. This will return you to Workday to complete the order.

9. Click Checkout. In Workday the items in your cart are now listed in the left column.

10. Review and add the information listed in red below. Ship to address: Confirm that this address includes your room or suite number (it will auto-populate). Internal Memo: Add the University Business Purpose for this purchase.

Worktag Information: Verify that the Worktag that should be charged for this order appears in the corresponding column in this section. If it does not, you will need to enter the correct Worktag for each item.

11. Click Submit. The order will now route for any necessary internal approvals: ISD Procurement and Expense Specialist (PES) if totals $1,000 or more, contains radioactive/hazardous materials, and/or does not have a valid Worktag or a university business purpose entered. ISD Grants Finance Specialist if using a Grant Worktag. Cost Center Manager of the Worktag if totals $5,000 or more   You will receive a Workday notification when the PO is created and sent to the cyBUY supplier to order the requested items.


Additional Resources 

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cyBUY Ordering Creating an Order from a cyBUY Supplier Workday Knowledge Base Article

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Procurement Services Website

  • Includes contact information for the cyBUY team, information on checking your order status and editing orders, and FAQs for ordering through Internal Stores and the Iowa State University Amazon Business Account.

ISD Procurement and Expense Specialists (PES)

  • If you would like a PES to submit the order on your behalf, please make sure to list the item(s), quantities, Worktag(s), and the university business purpose for each item you would like to have purchased in your email.