Quick Reference: cyBUY Ordering




Additional Resources 

Writing a University Business Purpose

  • Includes information on what should be included in a University Business Purpose Statement as well as examples.

cyBUY Ordering Creating an Order from a cyBUY Supplier Workday Knowledge Base Article

  • Includes step by step instructions and screenshots for each step in the process.

Procurement Services Website

  • Includes contact information for the cyBUY team, information on checking your order status and editing orders, and FAQs for ordering through Internal Stores and the Iowa State University Amazon Business Account.

ISD Procurement and Expense Specialists (PES)

  • If you would like a PES to submit the order on your behalf, please make sure to list the item(s), quantities, Worktag(s), and the university business purpose for each item you would like to have purchased in your email.