Recognize a Procurement Services Employee


There are currently two ways to provide recognition to a Procurement Services Employee for their outstanding work!


Providing a Recognition of Outstanding Service

This recognition was created to enable you to provide a quick shout out or thank you to a Procurement Services Employee who exceeded expectations and provided outstanding service!

Completing the short webform is a great way to quickly recognize a Procurement Services Employee who has exceeded expectations, strived to create a positive interaction, took ownership to address the challenge or need, and/or responded in a timely manner, as well as to thank them for their efforts.

By completing this short form you will also enable the Procurement Services Department to honor those Procurement Services Employees for their efforts to provide outstanding service.


Nominating the Procurement Services Employee for a Procurement Services’ Key Contributor Award

This award was created to recognize Procurement Services Employees who have positively impacted the mission and vision of Procurement Services at Iowa State University.  Including those who have made a significant contribution towards improving a process or procedure, have been an essential component in completing a complex project or solving a complex problem, have demonstrated dedication to cultivating their professional knowledge and expertise, have introduced innovative ideas, or have had a positive impact through their dedication to job excellence.


If you are looking to nominate a Procurement and Expense Specialist (PES) for an award, please complete a nomination for a Procurement and Expense Specialist Excellence Award!

The Procurement and Espense Excellence Award is only open to PES and was designed to recognize Procurement and Expense Specialists (PES) who exemplify one or more of the pillars of excellence in their work, including:

·  Taking initiative

·  Assisting a colleague

·  Providing excellent service

·  Utilizing a holistic approach

·  Engaging in relationship building.