Sales Tax Information

Iowa State University (ISU), as a state educational institution, is exempt from paying state sales tax or local option sales tax on goods or services purchased in the state of Iowa. Payment of state excise tax and hotel/motel taxes are still required. For more information, visit the following: Hotel/Motel Tax

The states listed below also grant tax-exempt status to Iowa State University for goods or services purchased while the buyer is in their state. As indicated below, a form or copy of a letter is usually required. These forms or letters may be obtained by clicking on the state link below or by filling out our tax exemption form.  

Student organizations should contact Student Organizations Accounting 294-5182 or email Jamie Rehlander Barker at for this form.


Iowa State University is tax-exempt in the following states:

If the item is being shipped to Iowa, you need an Iowa Tax Exemption Certificate. If you are having the company ship to a state other than Iowa, you should refer to the chart below for that state.


(Click on state to access link to specific forms)

Colorado Need Iowa form showing supplier name.
Florida Need copy of Florida exemption certificate.
Idaho Need copy of letter from Idaho.
Illinois Need copy of letter from Illinois.
Indiana Exempt only for conference rooms, meeting rooms and AV equipment.
Contact Procurement Services for form and information.


Need Iowa Tax Exemption Form - Click to fill out form request

Kansas Need copy of letter from Kansas.
Kentucky Need copy of letter from Kentucky.
Maine Need copy of Maine exemption certificate.
Massachusetts Need copy of Massachusetts exemption certificate.
Michigan Need to fill out Michigan form and present at time of purchase.
Minnesota Need to fill out Minnesota exemption certificate and present at time of purchase. Hospitality, lodging and meals are not tax exempt.
Mississippi Need copy of letter from Mississippi.
Missouri Need copy of letter from Missouri.
New York Need completed New York form.
North Dakota Need copy of North Dakota exemption certificate at time of purchase.
Ohio Need completed copy of Ohio blanket certificate.
Rhode Island Need copy of letter from Rhode Island and a copy Iowa exemption certificate.
South Dakota Need copy of letter from South Dakota.
Texas Need completed Texas form - No sales tax is charged on hotel rooms, however ISU is not exempt from state & local taxes on hotel rooms.
Washington D.C. Need copy of letter form Washington D.C.


Iowa State University is not tax exempt in the following states:

Alabama North Carolina 
Arizona Oklahoma 
Arkansas Pennsylvania 
California South Carolina 
Connecticut Tennessee 
Georgia Utah
Louisiana Vermont 
Maryland Virginia 
Nebraska Washington 
Nevada West Virginia
New Jersey Wisconsin

New Mexico



The following states do not have a general sales tax:

Alaska  May need to pay a city or local government tax. 
Hawaii  No sales tax, but a gross receipts tax.
New Hampshire Must pay meals and rooms tax. 

*Delaware did not respond with information regarding tax-exempt status.