Do's and Don'ts

  Allow only authorized Procurement agents or designated departmental personnel to order, receive and pay for supplies. Refer all calls to that person.

  Inform all employees about the University purchasing, receiving and payment policies.

  Always ask supply representatives for their name, company name, and telephone number. If they're vague, hang up!

  Be suspicious of a hard sell, name-dropping, rudeness or other inappropriate behavior.

  Verify the product and price offered before agreeing to anything.

  When in doubt, check with Procurement Services.

  Don't buy from new suppliers without first confirming their existence and reliability.

  Don't answer any questions about copiers or fax machines, including inquiries about model or serial numbers.

  Don't accept cash on delivery shipments.

  Don't accept delivery if supplies or invoices are unfamiliar, and don't pay without being sure the order is authorized.

  Don’t give out your card information over the phone if you did not initiate the call.


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