Welcome to the Iowa State University cyBUY Program home page. This program has been designed to allow for the procurement of supplies and equipment from contracted vendors in a streamlined online marketplace available through AccessPlus. Higher limits, less paperwork, and faster receipt of orders are just a few of the benefits.

may be accessed under the UBusiness tab in Access Plus


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Dell - Limited time offer: Save up to 63% off on select Logitech products

Newark -  Special Offers 

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Vendor Notifications

American Education Supply




Vendors who populate the main search

-Carolina Biological


-Central Stores

-Chemistry Stores 


-Fisher Scientific


-Laser Resources


-Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies

- Midwest Veterinary Supply 

- New England Biolabs

- Office Depot 

- Perkin Elmer 

- Promega

- Sigma Aldrich

- VWR International


Tip: To navigate while in cyBUY stores, use: 

-    ALT + Left Arrow = Go back to previous page 




3/9/2017 New England BioLabs catalog available on cyBUY

3/7/2017 Digi-Key catalog available on cyBUY

10/21/2016 Change to procurement approvals in E-Forms approval system

10/13/2016 Sigma-Aldrich Flyer - Freight Program information

10/7/2016 New cyBUY Search Upgrade 

4/1/2016  Office Depot Site Change/Demos

3/16/2016  Office Depot Contract Launch

1/26/2016  Purchasing transition to new address format

12/2/2015  Use cyBUY fo CIT Bus Release Numbers

12/13/2013  Changes to cyBUY Starting Monday 12/16

12/9/2013  Changes Are Coming to cyBUY!

5/28/2013  Important Information about Searching on cyBUY

7/1/2011   Purchasing System Attachment Uploading


For assistance with the cyBUY contract marketplace, contact:



Ella Wichers, eProcurement (cyBUY) coordinator  515-294-8577


Kaitlyn Carlson, cyBUY Customer Relations 515-294-4923


Procurement Services Help desk       515-294-4860