Contract Request Form

Before completing a Contract Request Form, please visit the Contract vs Non-Catalog Requisition Decision Tree to determine if this is the correct request form for your purchase.

A Supplier Contract Number (SCN) is needed for agreements that will be on-going for one-year or more, including contracts that may be renewed annually.

Information collected through this form will be used by a Procurement Agent to create a  Supplier Contract Number (SCN) in Workday.  The SCN will route to the Cost Center Manager (CCM) for Worktag approval and to a Grant Finance Specialist, if a Grant Worktag is used.  Any agreements or contracts attached to this form will be reviewed and signed by a Procurement Agent.

When goods or services are provided on a contract (SCN), the supplier should send invoice(s) to or to the Acounts Payables address listed on the SCN.  The invoice(s) will be entered into Workday and applied to the SCN. 


The types of purchases you can use the Contract Request Form to request include the following:

  • Goods or Parts 
    • Examples include:  Goods or parts to be ordered on an as-needed basis (consumables or parts for equipment, recurring orders of items)
  • Lease Agreement or Test Plot Agreement
    • Examples include:  lease, sale, purchase, transfer, or any other transaction involving an interest in real property (ex: office space, buildings, land, storage units)
  • Routine Services
    • Examples include:  small equipment rental, laboratory testing services, data analysis, editing, graphic design, repairs, translation, transcription, and student-teacher supervision
  • Service Agreement
    • Equipment repair services, service/maintenance contracts for equipment (ex: scientific, office, appliances, food service, etc.), waste/recycling disposal
  • Software License or Subscription Agreement
    • Examples include:  software purchase or usage agreements, online subscription agreements or end-user license agreements