Procurement Services has initiated a monthly drawing to show our appreciation for users across campus sourcing their purchases through cyBUY.

Three shoppers will be selected each month to receive an Iowa State mug full of candies, a coaster, mousepad and balloons!

Representatives from Procurement Services will deliver these goodies in person, so when you are emailed please let us know when would be the best day/time for us to drop by.

We appreciate all efforts to help reduce administrative cost and create order volume to lower costs for everyone.

cyBUY Vendor Show door prize and other drawing winners

  • iCubs tickets: Laura Iles & Diane Kolbo 
  • Walmart gift card: John Michel 
  • Backpack: Logan Fischer
  • Flashdrives: Lumila Rizhsky & Svitlana Zbarska
  • Drawstring bag and flashdrive: Shailja Goyal

  • HP Printer (Central Stores table): Becky Johnson
  • $50 Bass Pro giftcard (Crescent Electric table): Libuse Brachova

April 2018 Winners 

  • Kristan Kern, Printing and Coping Services 
  • Cassidy Moses, Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory
  • Chanda Skelton, Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology - LAS 

March 2018 Winners

  • Diane Schall, Veterinary Medical Center
  • Leland Harker,  Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mary Jane Long, Vet Microbiology & Preventive Medicine

Feburary 2018 Winners

  • Cynthia Spurlock, Engineering Student Services 
  • Gloria Oberender, Physics and Astronomy 
  • LuAnn Adams, Humna Sciences Student Services 

January 2018 Winners 

  • Robin Mcneely, Institue for Design Research and Outreach
  • Anastasia Whited, Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine
  • Joshua Hale, IT Services Security and Policies 

December 2017 Winners

  • Theresa Birch, Physics & Astronomy
  • Brad Dahlsten, LAS Administration 
  • Vicki Speake, Youth & 4H

November 2017 Winners

  • Matthew Brewer, Vet Pathology
  • Xiaolei Shi, Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Wei Wang, Plant Pathology and Microbiology 

October 2017 Winners

  • Alvin Day, Human Science Administration
  • Alice Berger, EH&S
  • Liese Vanderbroek, Music

Alice Berger


September 2017 Winners

  • Jean Vogel, Athletic Department
  • Connie Harris,  ISU Pappajohn Ctr for Entrepreneurship
  • Diane Jepsen, Genetics, Delvelopment and Cell Biology


(left to right) Connie Harris and Diane Jepsen


August 2017 Winners

  • Bonnie Snovelle, Vet Diagnostics Lab
  • Erica Unger-Wallace, Genetics, Delvelopment and Cell Biology
  • Hua Bai, Genetics, Delvelopment and Cell Biology

July 2017 Winners 

  • Josh Delarm, Mechanical Engineering
  • MeiMei Xu, Biochemistry Biophysics and Molecular Biology
  • Nicole SiewDin Sun, Food Science and Human Nutrition