Procurement Services has initiated a monthly drawing to show our appreciation for users across campus sourcing their purchases through cyBUY. Three shoppers will be selected each month to receive an Iowa State mug full of candies, a coaster, mousepad, and balloons! Representatives from Procurement Services will deliver these goodies in person, so when you are emailed please let us know when would be the best day/time for us to drop by.

We appreciate all efforts to help reduce administrative cost and create order volume to lower costs for everyone.


cyBUY Drawing Winners

Elaine Crawford 

Elaine Crawford, January 2019 Winner

XinWei Wang

XinWei Wang, Feburary 2019 Winner
McKayla Spencer

McKayla Spencer, August 2018 Winner

February 2019 Winners 

Nada Pavlovic, Vet Microbiology and Preventive Medicine

Brandi Vigon, D FIN

Xinwei Wang, Mechanical Engineering

January 2019 Winners 

Melody Gustafson, Veterinary Medicine Administration

Lainey Crawford, Alumni Association

Shari Springer, Chemistry Stores

December 2018 Winners 

Lisa Kalamaja, Veterinary Medical Center

Mark Turner, Memorial Union

Amy Chriswell, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

November 2018 Winners 

Edie Hunter, History

Greg Buttery, Business

Timothy Nessel, Biomedical Sciences

October 2018 Winners 

Roger Sebring, Residence Halls

Joonbae Seo, Biomedical Sciences

Elizabeth Wlezien, Plant Pathology and Microbiology

September 2018 Winners 

Mark Duncan, Residence Halls

Megan Rodenburg, Athletics Department

Aric Warner, Chemical & Biological Engineering

August 2018 Winners 

Becky Lou Johnson, Economics-AGLS

Brent A Pringnitz, Extension to Agriculture

McKayla M Spencer, Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology-LAS

July 2018 Winners 

Brian J Bengtson, Human Science Administration

Hayun Lee, Biochemistry/Biophysics & Molecular Biology-LAS

Jamie D Dittman, Plant Pathology and Microbiology

June 2018 Winners 

Chandra Tangudu, Vet Microbiology & Preventative Medicine

Julie S Charlson, Residence Halls

Lani McKinney, Management

May 2018 Winners 

Clare L Polking, Communities-Extension

Bradley J Ryan, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Maria L Teply, Reiman Gardens

April 2018 Winners 

Kristan Kern, Printing and Copying Services

Cassidy Moses, Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory

Chanda Skelton, Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology - LAS

March 2018 Winners

Diane Schall, Veterinary Medical Center

Leland Harker, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mary Jane Long, Vet Microbiology & Preventive Medicine


cyBUY Vendor Show Door Prize and Other Drawing Winners


iCubs tickets: Laura Iles & Diane Kolbo 

Walmart gift card: John Michel 

Backpack: Logan Fischer

Flash drives: Lumila Rizhsky & Svitlana Zbarska

Drawstring bag and flash drive: Shailja Goyal

HP Printer (Central Stores table): Becky Johnson

$50 Bass Pro gift card (Crescent Electric table): Libuse Brachova

Congratulations, Becky Johnson!

Thank you for using cyBUY!