New Report for Cardholders and cyBUY Users

Two new Workday reports have been created by Procurement Services and are available for use!  The ISU My Card Transactions report allows you to view your P-Card and T&H Card transactions in one place (Knowledge Base Article) and the ISU My cyBUY PCV Transactions report allows individuals to view all of your cyBUY transactions in one place (Knowledge Base Article).


Both reports allow you to see all of your transactions, or just transactions that are in progress, and to apply filters for supplier names, dollar amounts, and/or the transaction date.  The two new reports replace the need for all of the following reports:

  • My Procurement Card Transactions
  • My Procurement Card Transaction Verifications
  • ISU My P-Card Transactions Not Completed
  • ISU My Procurement Card Transactions
  • ISU My T&H Card Transactions Not Expensed


We hope these new reports provide you with the information you need so that you can continue to promptly review each of the transactions that have posted to your card(s) and to view your cyBUY PCV transactions.


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