Travel and Hospitality Card

The Iowa State University Travel and Hospitality (T&H) Card program has been designed to provide travelers with a financial instrument to pay for authorized business-related expenditures rather than having to commit personal funds, and to provide a way for employees hosting visitors to the University to pay for authorized hospitality-related expenditures. The T&H Card is a corporate liability Visa card which is both billed to and paid directly by the University. The T&H Card is intended to ease financial burden on employees and improve efficiency for employees who travel or pay for hospitality-related expenses. The T&H Card transactions integrate directly into Workday and are processed by completing an expense report in Workday.

The T&H Card may be used for payment of allowable and appropriate business travel and hospitality expenditures.   


For Campus Organization users, please see Campus Organizations' Student Purchasing Card Program page. For questions about campus organization purchasing cards, please contact Tim Livengood.