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Travel and Hospitality Card Program Cardholder Guide

This guide contains not only the T&H card program changes that became effective July 1, 2020, but also the changes to university travel policies such as receipt retention and per diems.


Purchasing Card Transaction Log

This log is an optional way to track card purchases.


Certificate of Missing Receipt

This form should be completed for any card transaction that does NOT have an itemized receipt from the supplier.


Card Change Request

Cardholders may use the Card Change Request form to request changes to an active P-Card or T&H Card. This form must be filled out by the cardholder for the form to route to the correct approvers. Requests on this form can be for limit increases (single purchase limit or cycle credit limit) or any other special requests the cardholder may have. The change request will route to the cardholder’s (initiator’s) manager and cost center manager for approval and will then route to Procurement Services. Once the request has been reviewed by the card services team, you will be sent an email with an update on your request.


Sales Tax Information

If your order is being shipped to Iowa, you need an Iowa Tax Exemption Certificate. If you are having the company ship to a state other than Iowa, you should refer to the chart on our Sales Tax Information page for that state.

Fill out the Tax Exempt Form to request a tax-exempt certificate for a purchase in the state of Iowa. Once submitted, Procurement Services will complete the certificate and provide the completed form.


Receipt Forms

As cash, gift certificates, or other property are distributed, the recipients must sign a form to acknowledge receiving the distributed property.  Use the following links to access the appropriate form:


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