Controlled Substances

  • Many of the narcotics, depressants, and stimulants manufactured for legitimate medical use are subject to abuse and have, therefore, been brought under legal control. Under federal law, all businesses that import, export, manufacture, or distribute controlled substances; all health professionals licensed to dispense, administer, or prescribe them; and all pharmacies authorized to fill prescriptions must register with the DEA.

The institutional license issued to Iowa State University for academic instruction may no longer be used. The laws and regulations governing controlled substances have changed over time, making this option no longer available.

An individual must normally maintain separate licenses for materials used in private practice and university-sponsored research. Iowa State University personnel who wish to obtain controlled substances for use in university-sponsored research must register with the DEA.

  • Individuals requiring controlled substances for research must provide a valid and active state license in order to complete the DEA registration. 
  • Orders placed for controlled substances will only be delivered to the address listed on the DEA registration certificate. 
  • The controlled substance must be used at the physical address listed on the registration. 
  • Individuals placing orders for research use will need to utilize a web requisition to process the order, but the delivery will be made to the address listed on the DEA Registration.  If the order is placed via cyBUY, the distributing vendor will contact the requestor directly to obtain their DEA registration number. 

Application Process for Researcher CSA/DEA


Applications for Researchers can be obtained by completing the controlled substances registration application Controlled Substance Act (CSA) registration. Complete all required information, sign and return the application to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy Board office with a check or money order in the amount of $90.  The application must indicate an Iowa practice address, including the street address.  You will be registered for those schedules indicated on the application form.  If you wish to use controlled substances in all schedules (2, 2N, 3, 3N, 4, 5) be certain to indicate this by checking each respective schedule on the application. (Refer to "Summary of Drugs and Schedules")  The Iowa professional license is required before either the state or federal controlled substance registration will be issued.

Common questions asked about completing the form for New Applications are below: 

  • What do I enter for Iowa CSA Registration No.:  Enter as N/A
  • What do I enter in Section #2 Licensure Information?
    • Type of Practitioner: Researcher
    • Specialty:  Can be left blank
    • Iowa Professional License #: If applicable, may enter veterinary or medical license number
    • Federal DEA #?  Enter N/A
  • Do I need to attach anything with my application?  Researchers must attach a copy of their research protocol with their application.
    • Title of Project
    • Statement of the Purpose
    • Name of controlled substance (cs) involved, amount (with justification) of each needed and source, a detailed description of procedures (including number and species of research subjects, dosage to be administered, route and method of administration and duration of project.)
    • Approving Authority if applicable (IRB, IACUC, IBC)
  • How do I pay for my CSA license?  Payment can be made on Supplier Invoice (non-PO) in Workday.  To route the check to a specific person for mailing, enter “Hand Deliver” in the Handling Code on the supplier invoice, then, in the Memo field, enter the person’s name and campus address to whom the check should be sent.  For questions about the payment process, please contact Finance Service Delivery ( or Matt Devick (, 515-294-0457) in the Controller’s Department. 

Questions about the CSA form or application process can be directed to Sharon Smith ( or 515-725-3487) at the Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners.


Obtain your federal registration application (Form DEA-224, or DEA-225) available at: (This can be paid by pcard).  Follow the instructions on the online form.  The DEA registration will not be issued before the state registration application has been processed.


Individuals who have made controlled substance procurements are required to inventory such controlled substances. The DEA requires that all controlled substances be stored in a secured area, and that access be limited to the DEA license holder.

Current Drug Schedule:

The current listing of all controlled substances is available on the US Drug Enforcement Administration website at: Derivatives of such chemicals, drugs, or components of various chemicals, or drugs are also considered controlled substances.

Disposal of unused Controlled Substances: 

  • Registrant must first attempt to return unused material to the manufacturer (called, “reverse distribution”) for proper disposal. 
  • Registrant must contact EH&S for disposal guidance if reverse distribution is not available. 
  • Other DEA Information:

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