Nominate a Supplier for a 2023 Supplier Award!

If you've worked with a Supplier in the past year that deserves to be recognized, please take a few minutes to nominate them for an award in one, or more, of the 6 categories! Continue reading →


Start Planning for Year End Purchases

We are still experiencing long lead times for some items and ask that you start thinking about purchases you would like to have here and billed out by fiscal year end.  Continue reading →


Want to recognize a Procurement Services Employee for exceeding expectations? How about a PES?

There are new ways that you can quickly recognize both employees in Procurement Services and Procurement and Expense Specialists (PES) for exceeding expectations!  Continue reading →


 Card Services News


Scammers Claiming to be USBank

Please remember that USBank will never ask for your full card number (they already have it).  Continue reading →


Making a Purchase at a Local Business: Sam’s Club

Did you know that Iowa State University has a Sam’s Club Membership Card that can be used to make purchases at the Ames Sam’s Club on behalf of Iowa State University? Continue reading →


Procurement Services Appreciation Program for Cardholders

We appreciate all cardholders who not only abide by the policies and procedures pertaining to the card programs, but act as good stewards of the University Card Programs as well!  Continue reading →


Recertification is Coming for Cardholders

All P-Card and T&H Cardholders with upcoming card expiration dates will be asked to complete a recertification course to refresh their knowledge of card guidelines and restrictions. Cardholders who went to P-Card or T&H Card Orientation longer than four years ago can also expect an invitation to the recertification course, currently available in Canvas.  Continue reading →


 cyBUY Corner


Shortcut to cyBUY in Workday

Want to reduce the number of clicks you have to make each time you want to access cyBUY? Here are the five steps you need to set up a shortcut in Workday!  Continue reading →


cyBUY Supplier Reviews: Your Opportunity to Provide Feedback

Your feedback as end users is critical to the annual cyBUY Supplier Review Process and to building relationships with cyBUY suppliers, so we hope to hear from you when things are going well and if/when they are not.  Continue reading →


 Procurement Spotlight


Spotlighting Recent Successes: Tera Lawson - 2023 Women Impacting Iowa State

Procurement Services would like to congratulate Tera Lawson, our training, development and outreach coordinator for being named one of the Women Impacting Iowa State!  Continue reading →


Spotlighting Recent Successes: Collaboration with GFS = Less Verifications Needed from PI

Procurement Services in partnership with Finance Service Delivery has found a way to reduce the number of times a PI has to verify receipt of an item or service.  One short email Grant Finance Specialists begain using on January 1st will now serve many purposes!  Continue reading →


Staff Spotlight

Our Staff Spotlight this newsletter is on Liz Lunaburg and Sadie Anderson! Continue reading →


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