Start Planning for Year End Purchases

We are still experiencing long lead times for some items and ask that you start thinking about purchases you would like to have here and billed out by fiscal year end.  Furniture purchases have a 6-8 week lead-time after the order is submitted.  This means that furniture would need to be ordered by mid-April to arrive, be delivered, and billed to your Worktag prior to June 30th. 

We also ask that you keep in mind things like networking hardware and some electronic devices may also have longer wait times.  Ordering these items early will help to avoid frustration with possible delays because the items are unavailable and/or backordered.  

If you have an immediate need or need assistance sourcing items, please reach out to the Procurement Agent who works directly with that commodity.  Each Procurement Agent and the commodities they work directly with can be found on our Contact Us Webpage


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