Start Planning NOW for Year End Purchases

Even though spring semester has just begun, supply chain issues and chip shortages are going to require not only planning, but ordering what would normally be year end purchases now!   Continue reading →


New Supplier Contract Request Form and Decision Tree

We recently updated our contract request form and created a Contract vs Non-Catalog Requisition Decision Tree to assist with determining the best way to submit your request for goods or services that cannot be purchased through cyBUY or on a P-Card/T&H Card. Continue reading →


Need to Book a Hotel Room or an Event at a Hotel Within the State of Iowa?

Beginning January 1, 2022, travelers and travel arrangers must check the Iowa Office to Combat Human Trafficking Website to verify that the lodging provider they would like to use has received their Human Trafficking Prevention Certification.   Continue reading →


In Transition: DocuSign Contract is Ending and a New Contract with Adobe Sign has Begun

We are currently in the midst of a planned 6-month transition period, which will conclude on April 29, 2022, when the current DocuSign contract ends. Continue reading →


Purchasing Airline Tickets? Use our Contracted Travel Agencies!

Using our university contracted travel providers and a Travel and Hospitality (T&H) Card when purchasing domestic and international flights gives us the most protection and resources for recovering costs or re-using tickets for future travel, should a trip need to be cancelled or postponed. Continue reading →


Nominations are now being accepted for the 2022 Suplier Awards!

If you’ve worked with a supplier in the past year that is worthy of recognition, you have until February 28th to nominate them for a 2022 Supplier Award! Continue reading → 


 Card Services News

P-Card and T&H Card Renewals

If your card is expiring, you can expect to receive the renewal card in the mail between the 20th of the month before expiration and the 10th of the renewal month.  Continue reading →


Additional Businesses Added to Local Supplier Information Webpage

Before you head to a local business, please check the Local Supplier Information Webpage. Continue reading →


 cyBUY Corner

cyBUY Supplier Information Page Includes Commonly Purchased Items

You can now check and see what products/services are available through the cyBUY Marketplace by visiting the recently released cyBUY Supplier Information Page.  Continue reading →


 Procurement Spotlight

Spotlighting Recent Successes – Saving Time and Eliminating Steps by Utilizing the Gift Card Program

Since the initial roll out of the Gift Card Program, that includes six gift card options, in July of 2021, the program has seen great success! Continue reading →


Staff Spotlight

In this newsletter, we're spotlighting three people who are new to Procurement Services! Continue reading →


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