Need a hotel in the state of Iowa for a Conference, Event, or Travel?

Beginning January 1, 2022, travelers and travel arrangers must check the Iowa Office to Combat Human Trafficking Website to verify that the lodging provider they would like to use has received their Human Trafficking Prevention Certification.  This should be completed BEFORE booking lodging within the state of Iowa for travelers or guests. 


If your selected lodging provider is not listed on the Iowa Office to Combat Human Trafficking Website, they are not certified and you may not use state funding to pay for OR be reimbursed for the charges from that provider.  This includes charges for lodging, conferences, meetings, banquets, or any event.


You can contact the selected location and request that they complete the training before your scheduled stay.  Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has created a step-by-step guide for how lodging providers can become certified.


For more information, please visit the Human Trafficking Prevention FAQ.  Additional questions regarding the Human Trafficking Prevention Certification Program may be sent directly to


We appreciate your assistance in assuring that both travelers and guests can have lodging expenses reimbursed and/or paid with state funds.


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