Start Planning NOW for Year End Purchases

Even though spring semester has just begun, supply chain issues and chip shortages are going to require not only planning, but ordering what would normally be year end purchases now! 


Copiers, computers, monitors, servers, general scientific supplies and equipment, as well as equipment in general will need to be ordered much earlier than ever before to arrive by June 30th.  For example Access Systems, our contracted copier supplier, has reached out to let us know that it is currently taking approximately 120 days to receive a new copier.  This means that copiers would need to be ordered by February 15th if they are to arrive by June 30th


If you have an immediate need or need assistance sourcing items, please reach out to the Procurement Agent who works directly with that commodity.  Each Procurement Agent and the commodities they work directly with can be found on our Contact Us Webpage.


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