Welcome Back to the Fall Semester! 

As things continue to ramp up for the academic year Procurement Services would like to remind you of some resources that we hope can assist you in getting the year started off right! 


Want to buy something, but don’t know what you need to do? 

Check out the Procurement and Payment Methods Webpage!  This page was created as a resource to help Iowa State Employees determine what should be done to purchase an item or service that does not require a purchase order.


Planning to Travel?  Hosting a Conference or Event? 

Check out the Before You Go Travel Checklist on the Procurement Services Travel Page as you begin to plan for travel.  It includes a list of questions to help you think through your domestic travel plans, provides the resources to guide you in making those plans, and includes an additional checklist specifically for international travel.  The Procurement Services Travel Page also contains a listing of all available contracts for travel-related services with links to the individual contract pages containing information on how to do business with that particular supplier.  Continue reading →


Looking for a spend category for your purchase? 

Check out the Spend Categories by Commodity Area Webpage to find the spend categories, the spend category name (which should identify what is being purchased), and a description of the spend category (which should confirm that this category describes what is being purchased).


Need to purchase gift cards? 

If you are looking to purchase gift cards for university business purposes, including participant payments, awards, prizes, and/or for recognition, Procurement Services has compiled information on how to buy any type of gift card, on the Purchasing Gift Cards Website, including those that can be purchased through Procurement Services.  Continue reading →


Want to buy something from Amazon? 

Amazon Business is now a cyBUY supplier available through the cyBUY Marketplace, but only for those who have taken the cyBUY Amazon Business Training.  If you haven’t yet taken the training and are interested in doing so, please register for an upcoming session through Learn@ISU.


What can the Finance Delivery Team assist with? 

The Finance Delivery team can assist you with making purchases, reconciling P-Card transactions, and completing Expense Reports!  Just complete a Service Request available through the ISU Service Portal, to assure that you are providing all of the information the Finance Delivery Team needs to assist you with your specific request.


 Card Services News


Should you use a P-Card or a T&H Card to make the purchase? 

Check out the P-Card or T&H Card: Which should I use? webpage to find out which card is appropriate to use (and won't be declined).  If you still have questions, please reach out to the Card Services Team, cardservices@iastate.edu, for assistance.


Making a purchase from a local supplier? 

When you are making a purchase from a local supplier with your P-Card or your T&H Card you are responsible for obtaining tax exemption for that purchase.  We understand that how you obtain tax exemption from suppliers can vary by supplier and lately even the suppliers you have worked with or ordered from before have changed their tax exemption processes!  Procurement Services has created some resources to help you!  Continue reading →


Need to request a P-Card, a T&H Card, or both? 

A step-by-step walkthrough of the Card Application Process can be found in the Workday: Card Applications in Workday Knoweldge Base Article! The requester will need to submit a separate request for each type of card being requested.


 cyBUY Corner


Know someone who needs to order through cyBUY, but are new to cyBUY or in need of a quick refresher? 

Our Quick Reference: cyBUY Ordering is a great place to start!  The Quick Reference hightlights the 11 steps you need to take to successfully submit a cyBUY order through the cyBUY Marketplace. Continue reading →


Wondering what is available in the cyBUY Marketplace? 

Check out our cyBUY Supplier Information page!  This page contains information about each supplier including the most commonly purchased items, contact information, catalog features, and the contracted shipping/delivery information.


Make plans to join Procurement Services for the 2022 cyBUY Supplier Show! 

You're invited to the 2022 cyBUY Supplier Show on Thursday, October 13th from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM! Continue reading →


 Procurement Spotlight

Spotlighting Recent Successes: Procurement Services Receives 18th Consecutive Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award

The Procurement Services Department has received an Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award from the National Procurement Institute for the 18th consecutive year! Continue reading →


Staff Spotlight

Our Staff Spotlight this newsletter is on Alec Johnson and Jason Utz! Continue reading →


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