Need to purchase gift cards? 

Procurement Services has six gift card options available if you are looking to purchase gift cards for university business purposes, including participant payments, awards, prizes, and/or for recognition. 


Gift cards purchased through Procurement Services are charged directly to your Worktag.  Additionally, when purchasing Electronic Rewards Links to Tango or VISA electronic gift cards with amounts less than $100 through Procurement Services, the recipient templates required to order the cards can be used in lieu of the required Research Participant Receipt Forms or Property Receipt Forms. 


Please remember that any gift card purchased via any procurement method or process (Gift Card Program, P-Card, T&H Card): 

  • Must have a legitimate university business purpose AND comply with Iowa State University policies regarding cash, gift certificates, and other property.

  • Is the same as cash and must be handled accordingly.

  • Cannot be used: 
  • To pay suppliers for goods or services.  This includes: purchasing a grocery store gift card to pay for food, to reward a supplier for outstanding work. 
  • To pay any type of wages or compensation.  This includes: buying gift cards as a thank you for a speaker, employee, volunteers, or students volunteers.  A token thank you is defined by the Controller’s Office as non-cash item valued at $20 or less.  Additional information can be found in the Allowability and Appropriateness: How to Know if Expenses are Allowable manual. 
  • To save expiring funds to be used at a later date. 
  • For personal purchases. 


Information on how to buy any type of gift card, and the required documentation for the purchase, can be found on the Purchasing Gift Cards Website


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