Planning to Travel? Hosting a Conference or Event?

Check out the Before You Go Travel Checklist on the Procurement Services Travel Page as you begin to plan for travel.  It includes a list of questions to help you think through your domestic travel plans, provides the resources to guide you in making those plans, and includes an additional checklist specifically for international travel. 

All available contracts for travel related services are also listed on the Procurement Services Travel Page with links to the individual contract pages containing information on how to do business with that particular supplier. 

As you review the list below, you will note that some things have been added and that some things have changed since the last time you were planning for a trip! 



  • Booking directly through the airline’s website. 


Airport Travel to Des Moines Airport 


Car Rental (Business and Personal) 

Iowa State University has been issued a new Corporate ID that is available for use through the updated Enterprise/National portal linked above! 
All of the negotiated discounted rates and provisions for Iowa State University Business Travel are only available through the new updated Enterprise/National portal.  Please discontinue use of the previous Iowa State University Corporate ID as it will no longer provide you with the negotiated rates or additional provisions included in the Iowa State University contract. 


Charter Bus Services 



  • Airbnb for Work 

  • Booking directly through the hotel. 

  • Gateway Hotel and Conference Center 
    Iowa State University has a master agreement in place with Gateway Hotel and Conference Center for room rates, event spaces and rooms, food and beverage, and audiovisual requirements for conferences and events hosted by Iowa State. 


NOTE: If the venue is located within the state of Iowa and provides lodging, you must also verify they have completed the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s Human Trafficking Prevention Training Certification and are compliant with the Iowa Law

Per diem lodging rate for the location to which you are traveling. 




Taxi/Ride Share 



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