Contracts by Commodity

Airbnb for Work

Procurement Agent: Liz Lunaburg*
Product: Lodging
Contract Number: SCN-1013509
Type of Contract: Contractual Agreement
Term of Contract: Through 6/30/2024

Contract Description:

ISU has a contract with Airbnb for Work set up so that employees as another option for lodging while traveling for ISU business. Airbnb for Work has properties at the top of search lists that have working spaces and are top hosts.

If securing lodging within the State of Iowa, the provider must be verified through the Iowa Office to Combat Human Trafficking Website.  If you have additional questions about this change to Iowa Code, please visit the Human Trafficking Prevention - Lodging FAQ.

How to do Business with Supplier:

Go here to sign up for the Airbnb for Work dashboard using your email address.

Employee will be set up with a traveler profile and can search for lodging as usual within the app or on the website. When checking out, you will select “traveling for work” and that will keep it separate from your personal profile (if applicable). Trips will be sent to our ISU dashboard where the agent listed above will have access to booked trips and receipts, if needed.