Requesting a New Procurement (P-Card) or Travel & Hospitality Card (T&H Card)

Employees may request a new Procurement Card (Pcard) and/or Travel and Hospitality Card (T&H Card) through the Create Request task in Workday.  The Create Request task must be completed by the person requesting a card and the form will automatically route to their Manager, their Cost Center Manager, and to Procurement Services for approval.  Instructions on completing the form can be found in the Card Applications in Workday job aid and are available through the “Card Applications in Workday” link on the Create Request task in Workday.


Instructions for the requester to track the status of their application and for Managers and Cost Center Managers to approve applications can be found in the Card Applications job aid as well. If you have any questions, please contact Procurement Services at or 515-294-7024.


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