How Do I Buy? With Procurement Services

March 4, 12, 17, and 26

New information sessions are now being offered for ISU Employees who want to know more about making purchases using Iowa State University Funds!  Some things have changed a lot, but some things haven’t changed at all.  Having trouble keeping track? Continue reading →


 Card Services News

New Email for Card Services!

Email if you have questions or need help with your P-Card, T&H Card, or study abroad event cards.  Any emails sent to the email will automatically route to the new email address.


P-Card or T&H Card: Which should I use?

Some items you may have previously purchased on your P-Card will now be blocked as blocking occurs by merchant code and not on the actual items being purchased.  Not sure which card to use? This chart will help!  Continue reading →


Requesting a new Procurement (P-Card) or Travel & Hospitality Card (T&H Card)

Employees may request a new Procurement Card (Pcard) and/or Travel and Hospitality Card (T&H Card) themselves through the Create Request task in Workday!    Continue reading →


 cyBUY Corner

New ISU cyBUY PO and PCV Transaction Report

Need to match your cyBUY purchase orders (POs) to your actual payments?  A new report has been created to do just that!

Your actual payments for purchases through cyBUY are now processed through a PCV (Procurement Card Verification) transaction.  The ISU cyBUY PO and PCV Transaction Report is now available under the Procurement application in Workday under Campus Reports. Continue reading →


Office Depot Returns

Need to return something to Office Depot?  You’ll need a Return Authorization Number.

Contact Office Depot customer service at 1-888-777-4044 and provide account# 23688385.  Once you have a Return Authorization Number, contact Todd Wilson in Central Receiving at 515-294-1804 or, to have the item picked up. 


 Staff Spotlight

The Procurement Services team has grown over the past few months. Usually, we'd feature one or two staff here, but this time we have four new members! We're very excited to introduce the newest additions to our team!  Continue reading →


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How Do I Buy? with Procurement Services

March 4 - 2:00-3:00

March 12 - 8:30–9:30

March 17 - 10:00-11:00

March 26 - 12:30–1:30

New Job Aids

Job Aids for Workday can be found on WorkCyte. Procurement job aids are under the Resources tab, Workday Finance tab, and Procurement.