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Access Systems

Procurement Agent: Tisha Campbell*
Product: Copiers
Address: 955 SE Olson Dr.
Waukee, IA 50263
Representative: Keith Wendl
Phone: 515-205-6047
Address: 955 SE Olson Dr.
Waukee, IA 50263
Type of Contract: Competitively Bid Contract
Term of Contract: 6/1/2021 – 5/31/2026

Contract Description:

Iowa State University has a contractual agreement with Access Systems to supply convenience copier needs.  The agreement provides for purchase of Toshiba machines.  This agreement also includes a Cost per Copy maintenance provision.
The maintenance agreement will include all service, labor, parts and consumable supplies except paper and staples and are billed on a quarterly basis in arrears for actual copies made during that period. Access Systems will pull the meter read from your copier every quarter.

Supplies will be ordered through Access Systems and may take 1-2 days for delivery.

Supplies Service Information
Pricing, Models & Features -
All units have the standard two sided copying, document feeder, and enlargement/reduction features along with Scan/Print.

Configuration Worksheet 


Toshiba Black and White Copiers 2528A-3528A-4528A

Toshiba Color Copiers 2525AC-3025AC-3525AC-4524AC

The level machine needed to meet your needs is determined by the annual volume your department makes along with the features needed. 

Each copier is rated to handle a number of copies per month, but as with any machine, you do not want to run it at the maximum on a continual basis. 

The copies per minute may be a factor if you are making a large number of copies of a single document. However, departments should be using Printing Services Copy Center for large volume orders. They provide free pickup and delivery and can usually do the work in the same or following day. Please refer to their web site for additional information.

The basic features of each level of copier are the same. Additional accessories include:

  • Additional paper tray banks
  • Finishers (what use to be called sorters) – Needed to sort prints from copies, or to add the 2/3 hole punch option. The staple feature is part of the finisher.
  • 2/3 hole punch,
  • Fax – Requires the scan/print option.  (Each received fax counts as a copy for maintenance charges)

How to do Business with Supplier:

Please place your order with Access Systems through the cyBUY marketplace in Workday.

If you have comments or feedback about this supplier, we invite you to complete this brief survey.