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Telecommunication Equipment and Supplies

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Jason Utz


Telecommunications equipment and supplies includes telephones, IP telephones, data networking equipment, switches, hubs, routers, wireless access points, cell service, internet service and related items.

To protect the integrity of the network, the purchase of these types of items must be approved by Information Technology Services prior to order. The Purchasing Card is allowed for paying a monthly cellular phone/internet device service bill but all other categories listed should be set up for tracking and payment in Workday through Procurement Services.

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Federal agencies may request Iowa State University to sign a document regarding telecommunications equipment. Different agencies use different forms, but the title is usually something similar to “Representation Regarding Certain Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment”. The document may also be referred to as Form 889. By signing the document, Iowa State University represents that it does not use, and will not provide the federal government, telecommunications equipment produced or provided by certain entities.

Telecommunications Equipment Representation

Procurement Procedure:

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Contact Iowa State University Telecommunications for assistance.

Create a non-catalog requisition in Workday with any accompanying information about the requested purchase to Procurement Services (i.e. order form, quote, email from supplier, etc.). If you need assistance creating a non-catalog requisition in Workday, email the information to