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Charter Service

Procurement Agent(s):
Liz Lunaburg


Charter services include charter air flights, taxi service, chartered buses, and similar services. 

For services that are needed on an ongoing or long-term basis, contact Procurement Services to establish a contract for services.  All requests for charter services (except CIT bus charters - see below) must be directed to Procurement Services on a requisition.

ISU currently has a contract with the following:

CIT Charters Inc

Procurement Procedure:

To find the best way to procure the goods or services in this category,
please answer each of the following questions by clicking [yes] or [no].

Is this a trip with CIT Charters?

[yes] [no]

Bus release numbers for C.I.T. Signature Transportation (CIT) are automated through the C.I.T. Bus Release webform.

After completing the form, click Submit. This will generate a message to CIT with your release number included. 

CIT Signature Transportation will email you a confirmation form.  Check this form for accuracy, sign your approval, and return to Kim Grzywacz at  This will secure your transportation. Kim will contact you to finalize details as your trip date approaches. CIT Signature Transportation will send the invoice for the processing of payments to

Create a non-catalog requisition in Workday with any accompanying information about the requested purchase to Procurement Services (i.e. order form, quote, email from supplier, etc.). If you need assistance creating a non-catalog requisition in Workday, email the information to