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Recycling Services

Jayna Grauerholz


Current campus recycling efforts include white office paper and newspapers from major buildings on campus. For those departments interested in participating, FP&M provides 7-gallon and 60-gallon containers to sort paper at their work site. FP&M building custodians (and Residence staff) coordinate transportation of the 50-gallon barrels to the building dock on designated collection days. Collection is provided by Campus Services.

Other university recycling efforts include confidential paper disposal/recycling service, annual phone book collection, yard waste composting, scrap metal, auto batteries, tires, motor oil, pallets, and scrap wood. For questions concerning campus recycling, please contact Sue Mallas at 294-0692. Additional information about recycling is available on the ISU Recycling Committee's homepage.




ISU currently has contracts with the following:


Ames Area Recycling Center - Paper, Newspaper and Phonebook recycling


A-Tec Recycling- Flourescent lamps, ballasts, incandescent lamps

City Carton - Confidentail Document Destruction and Recycling


Denali Recycling - Cardboard Recycling


Midwest Electronic Recovery - Electronics Recycling

Procurement Procedure:

Contact Kelly McCool at 294-1396 for information or to request recycling services.