Contracts by Commodity

A-Tec Recycling Inc

Procurement Agent: Sadie Anderson*
Product: Recycling
Contract Number: SCN-1006137
Address: PO Box 17099
Des Moines, IA 50317
Representative: Larry Young
Phone: 800-551-4912
Fax: 515-263-6970
Type of Contract: Competitively Bid Regents Contract
Term of Contract: 11/10/2022 to 10/31/2025

Contract Description:

This contract is for recycling of lamps, ballasts, batteries, e-waste and other miscellaneous recyclables.

How to do Business with Supplier:

To utilize this contract as a unit of Iowa State University, contact Campus Services and Environmental, Health, and Safety to arrange pickup of your recycling items. For information about pickup see the Recycling Services page. To use this contract as a state or city governmental agency, contact the Procurement Agent listed above.