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Radioactive Isotopes

Procurement Agent(s):
Craig Sondgeroth


Iowa State University has contract pricing with Perkin Elmer Life Science (NEN) and VWR for radioisotopes. The radioisotopes can be purchased through cyBUY or by following the instructions below.

A copy of our current radioisotope license must be on file with all companies before ordering. This license is issued to Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and a copy can be obtained by contacting EH&S. In accordance with this license, all radioisotopes MUST be shipped to 2408 Wanda Daley Drive. This is a Federal Law that is regulated in Iowa by the Iowa Department of Public Health. Note: The supplier must ship to the licensed address, no matter what address the departments give them.

ISU currently has a contract with the Perkin Elmer on cyBUY:

  1. The individual ordering radioisotopes must comply with the following procedures
  2. The user must have received the training given by EH&S
  3. Proper approval forms must be on file with EH&S
  4. A log number from EH&S has been obtained for each order. This can be done by either the user or someone placing the order for the user.
  5. A purchase order number must be obtained from Procurement Services or you can place a release order against the applicable ISU contract orders. Please see the following ordering instructions.

Ordering procedures for Perkin Elmer Life Science Products

  1. Obtain the required log number from EH & S
  2. Access Perkin Elmer through cyBUY
  3. After Radionuclide(s) have been added to shopping cart, go to the cart.
  4. Add the log number to the “Attention” line. Example

Items will be delivered to Environmental Health and Safety for distribution to requesting department.

Ordering Procedures for Other Radioisotope Suppliers

  1. Obtain the required log number from EH & S
  2. Obtain a confirming purchase order number from Procurement Services
  3. Call the order into the supplier and give information in addition to the items being ordered:
  • Confirming Purchase Order number from Procurement Services
  • Ship to address - Iowa State University, 2408 Wanda Daley Drive, Log No__-_____, Ames, IA 50011-3602. Include your log number from EH&S.
  • Bill to address - Iowa State University, Payables Department, 1520 Administrative Services Building, Ames, IA 50011 - 1004.

      4. Route the confirmation requisition to Procurement Services.

Procurement Procedure:

See the information above for purchases from Perkin Elmer and other Radioisotope suppliers.