Contracts by Commodity

VWR (Secondary)

Procurement Agent: Melissa Gruhn*
Product: Lab Equipment & Supplies
Contract Number: SCN-1006453
Address: 800 E. Fabyan Parkway
Batavia, IL 60510
Website: Go to the cyBUY marketplace
Representative: Devlin Boyt
Description: Customer Care
Representative: VWR International Inc.
Phone: 800-932-5000
Type of Contract: Contractual agreement for price discount
Term of Contract: 7/1/2017 - 11/14/2023

Contract Description:

ISU has established a pricing agreement for all lab equipment, supplies, and chemicals carried by VWR.  Specific ISU contract pricing can be viewed by accessing the VWR catalog on ISU's cyBUY marketplace.

How to do Business with Supplier:

Pricing can be obtained by accessing the VWR catalog on the ISU cyBUY marketplace in Workday, calling or emailing the sales representative, or calling the customer care number.  The supplier can also place quotes on the cyBUY system so departments can create orders from those quotes without entering all of the items individually.

Special Considerations

VWR can supply non-cataloged items from listed suppliers on a special order basis. Contact the sales representative if you have specific needs.

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