Workday Notifications for Contracts Ending in 120 Days

Have you received an alert notification in Workday letting you know that a contract on which you are the ship-to contact is ending in 120 days? 


These alert notifications were implemented on September 4th to provide the ship-to contact listed on the contract and their Cost Center Manager (CCM) advance notice of any contract that will be expiring.  The alert notifications will be issued on the first Monday of each month for any contract that will be expiring in the following 120 days.


During those 120 days the following actions need to be successfully completed.

  • Requester determines if the contract needs to be renewed, closed in 120 days, or canceled and communicates that decision to their CCM.


Requester works with their CCM to determine if the contract needs to be renewed, closed in 120 days, or canceled.

  • CCM responds to the supplier contract amendment in their Workday inbox, indicating whether the contract should be renewed.
  • The Contract Specialist in Procurement Services completes the action requested by the CCM.


We hope that this advanced notice will allow sufficient time for these actions to be successfully completed prior to the expiration of the existing contract, which will prevent gaps in service.


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