Streamlining the Review Process for Invoices without a PO or SCN

Finance Service Delivery and Procurement Services have worked together to streamline the review and payment process for supplier invoices that do not have a purchase order (PO) or a supplier contract (SCN) associated with them.

As of September 5th, any invoice that does not have a PO or SCN associated with it is routed directly to Procurement Services in Workday.  This streamlined review process will allow the Procurement Services Team to determine the appropriate payment process and assure compliance with not only Iowa State University policies, but State and Federal procurement requirements as well. 

We are hopeful that this internal review process change will streamline the review and payment processes and allow us to pay these invoices without a PO or SCN more quickly.


How do I know if I need a PO or an SCN?

If you aren’t sure if you need a PO or SCN to make a purchase, the Procurement and Payment Methods Webpage is a great place to start!  This webpage contains items that do not require a PO or SCN to make the purchase, outlines exactly what you need to do to make the purchase, and lists the documentation required for each situation. 

Items not listed will need to be submitted through a non-catalog requisition so that a PO can be issued or via the contract request form (if it is ongoing for a year or more or will be renewed annually) so that an SCN can be issued.

Please note that it is a lengthy webpage, but you can use control + f to search for a keyword on the page.


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