Making a Purchase at a Local Business: Walmart

Receiving Tax Exemption can sometimes be a bit of an adventure, especially when suppliers change their policies or procedures.  This summer, the South Duff Avenue Walmart made it even more of an adventure with their decision to implement a policy without notice that is not only different from their previous policy, but different from the policy at the North Grand Walmart as well!


As of 8/14/2023 the South Duff Avenue Walmart in Ames will require you to provide a screenshot of this document on your phone to receive tax exemption on your purchases made on behalf of Iowa State University.  A print out of the document will not be accepted.


Please note that the Local Supplier Information Webpage will always contain the most current information that has been provided to Procurement Services and that this information is changing more and more frequently.  


The Local Supplier Information Webpage currently contains information on how to make tax-exempt purchases on behalf of Iowa State University at Fleet Farm, Home Depot, HyVee, Lowe’s through the Lowe’s Pro catalog in cyBUY, Menards, Michaels, Sam’s Club using the Procurement Services Membership Card, Target, Theisen’s, and Walmart.


Please let us know if you have additional information about using your P-Card or T&H Card at a local supplier that would help your colleagues do business with that supplier.  Procurement Services is always looking to expand the resources we have available for our colleagues!


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