New Local Supplier Information Including Menards, Home Depot, and Sam’s Club

When planning to use your P-Card to make purchases from Menards, Home Depot, or Sam’s Club be sure to visit the Local Supplier Information page, prior to heading to the store.

The Local Supplier Information page contains the specific requirements for tax exemption for items that are purchased on behalf of Iowa State University at these local businesses.

Businesses do change their tax exemption procedures (Menards changed theirs starting April 1st) and along with communicating these changes in the Updates for P-Card and T&H Cardholders emails we post the information on the Local Supplier Information page as soon as we have it.

Purchases made on behalf of Iowa State University should be exempt from paying sales tax or local option sales tax on goods, services, and supplies purchased in, or shipped to, the state of Iowa.  Additionally there are several other states that grant tax exempt status to Iowa State University for goods or services purchased while in that state.  Purchasers, particularly P-Card and T&H Card holders, may have to take an additional step to receive this exemption status, but all of the information can be found in the Tax Exemption and New Local Supplier Information newsletter article.


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