Tax Exemption and New Local Supplier Information

Purchases made on behalf of Iowa State University should be exempt from paying state sales tax or local option sales tax on goods, services, and supplies purchased in, or shipped to, the state of Iowa.  Additionally there are several other states that grant tax exempt status to Iowa State University for goods or services purchased while in that state.  

This exemption status also applies to purchases made with an Iowa State P-Card, however the P-Card holder may also have to take one of the following additional steps to receive sales tax exemption:

  • An Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate can be requested for any supplier in Iowa, or any supplier who is shipping items to the state of Iowa, by completing the Sales Tax Exemption Request Webform.  

Once the webform is received, Procurement Services will provide you with a completed Exemption Certificate to be used for purchases on behalf of Iowa State University.

  • Local suppliers (including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, and Sam’s Club) have specific requirements for tax exemption, or discounts, for items that are purchased on behalf of Iowa State University. The information needed to use these local suppliers can be found on the Local Supplier Information page. 
  • If you are visiting or located in another state, or if you are having the supplier ship to a state other than Iowa, please visit the Sales Tax Information webpage for the tax-exemption information pertaining to that state.


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