Supplier Contract Renewals

We are approaching the end of the fiscal year and a busy time for Procurement Services.  Of nearly 4,000 supplier contracts (SCN), 40 percent of them renew on June 30th.


What do you need to know to prepare for contract renewals?  

Supplier Contract renewals route in Workday to the Cost Center Manager(s) and to the Grant Finance Specialist(s) (if there are Grant Worktags on the supplier contract).  Approvers will be asked to review the following with the department requester:

  • If the goods or services are still needed.
  • If the contact name on the contract is correct.
  • If the renewal amount is correct.
  • If the Worktag(s) is correct.

A maintenance contract for service on a copier is a common example of a contract renewal.  When received, the Cost Center Manager should verify that the department still has the copier and still needs a maintenance contract, that the contact name in Workday is the correct point of contact for the copier, and that the supplier contract contains the correct Worktag(s).


How can I find supplier contracts that will be renewing in Workday?

Use the ISU Supplier Contracts With Worktags report to find all of the supplier contracts for a specified business unit, cost center, or Worktag.  If you don’t have access to this report, you can contact your Procurement & Expense Specialist, your Cost Center Manager, or Procurement Services for assistance.  


Questions about a supplier contract renewal?

If you have questions about a supplier contract renewal, please email the Procurement Agent who assisted with the supplier contract directly with the Workday SCN-####### of the contract and the name of the supplier.  Contact information for each of the Procurement Agents can be found on our Staff Page.

For more information, check out our Supplier Contracts and Renewals FAQ page:


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