Staples Promotional Product Catalog Offer

Staples is currently offering 15% off cyBUY Staples Promotional Products Catalog Orders made between 4/19/21 and 4/23/21 (additional details can be found in the flyer below). 

The Staples Promotional Products Catalog is available in the cyBUY Marketplace and is accessible to all Iowa State University Employees through Workday.  It contains contracted pricing, and all orders are tax exempt.  You can also submit custom orders (for other wordmarks, images, or quantities) within the catalog.  The Staples Promotional Products Catalog operates like other cyBUY catalogs and allows you to transfer your order back into Workday when you click checkout (additional information on creating an order in cyBUY can be found on the How to use cyBUY page of the Procurement Services Website or use our Quick Reference: cyBUY Ordering).

Additionally, all of the standard products available within the Staples Promotional Products Catalog have been approved by Iowa State University Trademark and Licensing, can be ordered in large or small quantities, and can be viewed in person by visiting Procurement Services in the Administrative Services Building (ASB).  If you are interested in viewing the available items in person, appointments to visit Procurement Services are currently required, please email to schedule a date and time.



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