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Procurement Services has been working with Card Integrity to be able to provide Cost Center Managers (CCM) and Business Unit Managers (BUM) with additional P-Card and T&H Card information and an additional resource to look at overall spending and trends!

The P-Card Report Cards first hit the CyBox folder shared with CCMs and BUMs in November.  They were followed in March with the P-Card Report Cards for the 10/1/20 – 12/31/20 period AND the T&H Card Report Cards for the same period.

Each of the P-Card Report Cards and the T&H Card Report Cards include:

  • a listing of all active cards within the department or unit.
  • the transaction limits and usage for each individual cardholder.
  • data on the department or unit spending per month and with which suppliers.
  • a listing of transactions that do not appear to meet the guidelines of the Iowa State University Card Programs.

The final versions of the Credit Card Report Cards were the result of several rounds of revisions and the incorporation of feedback and comments from three focus groups that were conducted by Procurement Services in late July.

Despite not having as much activity (particularly on the T&H Cards) this fiscal year, the focus group participants have reported that the Credit Card Report Cards has been a great additional tool for conducting quick overviews related to usage and credit limits.  They have also reported using the Credit Card Report Cards as a way to monitor inactivity, to see areas of consistent spending in order to identify where a contractual relationship may be beneficial, and to determine which, if any, of the Iowa State University Card Program Guidelines may need to be readdressed.  


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