Helpful Links Added to Procurement Application in Workday!

The next time you log into Workday, click on the Procurement Application and check out the Help Documentation section in the column on the right!  It now contains not only links to Knowledge Base Article, but links to the webpages that contain the information you need to determine what spend category to use for your purchase, tax exemption and local supplier information, as well as information to help you to determine which method you should use to purchase items. 

Click on:

  • Help: Create Non-Catalog Requisitions for Departments to review the Knowledge Base Article that contains step-by-step instructions for creating a Non-Catalog Requisition in Workday.
  • Help: Create an Order from a cyBUY Supplier to review the Knowledge Base Article that contains step-by-step instructions for creating an order in cyBUY (where the
    tax exemption is already taken care of and all items are available at contracted rates).
  • Help: Procurement and Payment Methods to find out how to make purchases based on the item and the situation as well as the documentation that is required.
  • Help: Spend Categories by Commodity Area to find the spend categories, the spend category name (which should identify what is being purchased), and a description of the spend category (which should confirm that this category describes what is being purchased).
  • Tax Exempt: Local Supplier Information to find information for local suppliers (including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, and Sam’s Club) that have specific requirements for tax exemption, or discounts, for items that are purchased on behalf of Iowa State University.
  • Tax Exempt: Sales Tax Information to find tax exemption information for when you are visiting or located another state, or if you are having the supplier ship to a state other than Iowa.  If you are purchasing something or having shipped to the state of Iowa this page also contains a link to the Tax Exemption Request Form.


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