Gift Card Request Form

This form is to be used to request gift cards for research participants, awards, prizes, and employee milestone recognition.  All gift card purchases must have a legitimate university business purpose and comply with Iowa State University policies regarding cash, gift certificates, and other property. 

Gift cards cannot be used to pay suppliers for goods or services; to pay any type of wages or compensation, or to be used for personal purchases. 

A listing of each of the gift card options as well as the benefits and limitations of each can be found on the Purchasing Gift Cards Webpage.  We recommend reviewing the options to select the gift card that will work best for you and the recipient(s) prior to completing the request form below. 


These completed templates may also be used as documentation in lieu of the Research Participation Receipt and Property Receipt Form for any Electronic Reward Link to Tango Card Rewards Catalog, Visa Electronic Gift Card, or Amazon Electronic Gift Card with an amount less than $100.  

For assistance with any step or component of this process, please see the Gift Card Request Form Knowledge Base Article (designed to walk you through the Gift Card Request Form and process) or contact the Card Services Team at or 515-294-7024