Contracts by Commodity


Procurement Agent: Jason Utz*
Product: ISU Themed Charging Station
Representative: Neal Nye
Type of Contract: Negotiated
Term of Contract: Ongoing

Contract Description:

This contract is for an ISU trademarked charging station.

M8 Charging Station Design

M8 Charging Station Pro Version Design

M8 Mini Charging Hub Table Top Design

  • M8 Standard Floor Stand Model - $499
  • M8 Deluxe Floor Stand Model - $699
  • Mini Charging Hub - Table Top - $129
  • Mini Charging Hub - Table Top - Branded - $149
  • Shipping - $60
  • Both Include: Apple MFi/Android Certified Charging Technology, 8 Charging Cables, Custom Branding, 1 Year Infinity Cable Replacements, Lifetime Warranty
  • Accessories: Wireless Charging Ledge - $299  

How to do Business with Supplier:

To place an order for a charging station, contact ISU Procurement Agent above. Before making a purchase for these devices, they have to be approved by the Trademark Office.