Contracts by Commodity

Candex Solutions Inc

Procurement Agent: Jamie Albertsen*
Product: Third-party Payment Solution
Contract Number: SCN-1013953
Type of Contract:
Term of Contract: 05/23/2023 - 05/22/2024

Contract Description:

Candex is a third-party payment company used to electronically pay individuals amounts of $2,000 or less, do not have a conflict of interest, and are being paid for one of the following:

  • Awards/Prizes
  • Honorarium
  • Lecturer, seminar, or guest speaker
  • Student teacher supervision
  • Athletic official/referee
  • Panel member
  • Entertainer, musician, performer, comedian, DJ, vocalist/singer (that does not have or need a signed agreement)

How to do Business with Supplier:

To utilize Candex to electronically pay an individual that meets the criteria listed above, you will need to request the payment(s) for the individual(s) through your Finance Service Delivery Team by emailing

If you are paying an individual $100.00 or more, a completed Conflict of Interest Form is required and should be attached to your email request.

Once your request for payment and Conflict of Interest Form (if required) is received by your Procurement and Expense Specialist (PES), the PES will process the payment request through Candex (if it meets the current criteria listed above). Candex will then receive a purchase order from Iowa State and contact the individual you would like to pay to have them register in their system in order to be paid electronically. Screenshots of the entire payee registration process can be found here.

Once the payee has registered, Candex will send an invoice to Iowa State for payment. When Candex receives payment from Iowa State, Candex will pay the individual.