Contracts by Commodity

ZLR Ignition - Advertising Agency Services

Procurement Agent: Sadie Anderson*
Product: Advertising
Contract Number: SCN-1006433
Address: 303 Keo Way, Suite 100
Des Moines, IA 50309-1799
Representative: Xan McNelly
Phone: 515-244-4456
Fax: 515-244-5749
Type of Contract: Competitively Bid Contract
Term of Contract: 7/1/2018 to 6/30/2024

Contract Description:

This agreement is for the integrated advertising services. Services could include help in public relations, strategic planning, television and radio commercials, etc.

All printing of materials is done through ISU Printing Services.

How to do Business with Supplier:

For projects with ZLR, please contact University Marketing at or the listed Procurement Agent linked above.