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Professional Services

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Cory Harms


The Regents Policy Manual defines "professional services" as unique, technical, and/or infrequent functions performed by an independent contractor qualified by education, experience, and/or technical ability to provide services. In most cases, these services are of a specific project nature and are not a continuing, ongoing responsibility of the institution. The services rendered are predominately intellectual in character even though the contractor may not be required to be licensed. Professional service engagements may involve partnerships, corporations, or individuals. Some examples of "professional services" typically utilized at the University include consulting, marketing analysis, investigation services, legal services, and auditing. Speaker and entertainer requests do not have to come to Procurement unless they have an agreement that needs to be signed or they represent a conflict of interest

Design and training services normally do not fall under professional services unless they are very specialized. A requisition can be used for these services and Procurement Services will assist in determining whether a proposal from the supplier or a contractual agreement is needed.

Policy information can be obtained by reviewing the revised Professional Services Policy.

The Professional Services Contractual Agreement (PSCA) has been integrated into the new Contract Request Form. This new form is completed online and routed to Procurement Services directly for your convenience. 
All PSCA's that exceed $2,000 MUST be reviewed by Procurement Services before going to the supplier. In most cases, Procurement Services will work with the supplier to get the PSCA signed and will issue a PO to the supplier and send a countersigned copy. Please contact Procurement Services with any PSCA related questions.

Overview of Procurement and Payment Process for Professional Service Acquisitions

Professional Services FAQ


Procurement Procedure:

To find the best way to procure the goods or services in this category,
please answer each of the following questions by clicking [yes] or [no].

Are the services to be provided architectural, engineering, construction management services or specialized consultants related to the planning, design, or construction of university facilities?

[yes] [no]

Contact Facilities Planning & Management's (FP&M's) Architectural and Engineering Services Office, who will coordinate the acquisition and handle appropriate approvals. Do not prepare a PSCA.

Is the Contractor an independent contractor?

[yes] [no]

Is the Contractor an employee of a Regent Institution or other state agency? or do they own 5% or more of the Contractor's corporate stock or are partners in the Contractor's firm?

[yes] [no]

Do not proceed with Professional Services Contractual Agreement (PSCA), as this relationship constitutes a UPM 3.1(3) Conflict of Interest. Contact Procurement Services - All procurements or commitments involving a conflict of interest supplier, regardless of the cost, are to be handled by Procurement Services.

Is the total project cost anticipated to exceed $50,00 (including fee, compensation, travel, lodging, etc.)?

[yes] [no]

Projects in excess of $50,000 will require a competitive selection process be conducted, unless a legitimate and documented sole source exists. Contact Procurement Services to initiate the competitive selection process. Any sole source for professional services will need to be approved by the COO fo the Board of Regents.

Complete a Contract Request Form for a Professional Services Agreement prior to authorizing any work to begin. Procurement Services will create an agreement and obtain the signature of the supplier.

Do not proceed with Professional Services Contractual Agreement (PSCA). The PSCA may only be utilized for independent contractors. PSCA's may not be used for situations involving employer/employee relationships (hanlded through Payroll) or for additional employee compensation (UPM 3.7(1) Additional Compensation).