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Procurement Agent(s):
Wendy Foster
Matt Linder


The term construction includes new work, additions, alterations, reconstruction, installations, and repairs. Please refer to the University Policy Library for details on handling remodeling or construction projects. Four broad types of construction activity are covered below.

Building Construction by General Contractors

  1. Heavy (non-building) construction by general contractors and special trade contractors. Examples are:
    1. roadways
    2. utilities
  2. Construction activity by other special trade contractors. These companies are performing activities that are specialized in building construction or activities that may be undertaken for building or non-building projects. Examples are:
    1. electrical
    2. concrete or asphalt
    3. painting and paper hanging
    4. plumbing and irrigation
    5. carpentry
    6. earthmoving
    7. steel erection
    8. heating, air conditioning, and ventilation
    9. floor covering (tile, carpet, and carpet tile)
    10. roofing
    11. telephone and communications
    12. masonry
    13. fencing
    14. window treatments
  3. Remodel/Renovation projects must go through FP&M to address the following concerns:
    1. Building system impact
    2. Code compliance
    3. Regulatory compliance - (primarily asbestos and lead)
    4. Use of approved materials
    5. Use of approved equipment
    6. Employ approved installation practices
    7. Record system alterations
    8. Insurance requirements
    9. Liability requirements
    10. Project interests of the facility
    11. Protect interests of campus

FPM Contacts
For additional information regarding the project development process for new construction and remodeling/renovation projects, please see FPM's Construction Projects page


Procurement Services Contacts
For Procurement Services related questions on construction contact:

Contact Department Commodity Phone

Matt Linder

FP&M/Procurement Services Capital project related 515-294-2834
Wendy Foster Procurement Services Non-capital project related 515-294-8806
Tisha Campbell Procurement Services Window treatments/floor coverings 515-294-4542
Lucas Schau Procurement Services Farm 515-294-8853



Procurement Procedure:

Contact Facilities Planning & Management for a service request to review project specifications.