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Procurement Agent(s):
Tisha Campbell


Upon receipt of the new machine, you will need to dispose of your old copier through ISU Surplus or if the copier company tells you they may be able to find a buyer on campus, you will need to put it into storage in your building. In either case, you should submit an email to Tisha Campbell to cancel the maintenance agreement on the existing unit. The email should include the contract number, date the unit was removed, where it was sent, and the final meter read. Procurement Services will then cancel the contract.

Procurement Services will send you an email with the information to initiate a new maintenance contract on your new machine. Upon receipt submit a requisition to Procurement Services to start a new maintenance agreement on this machine. The requisition should include all the information included in the email.

Access Systems


Disinfecting your Copier
In light of the recent concerns with the COVID-19 Corona Virus, please adhere to these best practices for cleaning your copiers. Using the wrong disinfectant can result in damage and possibly having to replace your copier.

Ricoh Cleaning Instructions

Toshiba Cleaning Instructions

Procurement Procedure:

Purchase Access Systems copiers through the cyBUY marketplace on Workday.