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Procurement Agent(s):
Liz Lunaburg


Payment for registrations can be made on either a Purchasing Card or a T&H Card. For registrations that will precede travel by a significant number of days, a Purchasing Card may be the best method of payment. 

When the Travel and Hospitality (T&H) Card is used for registration fees, all optional fees (e.g. tours including meals) are considered personal and are not to be charged to the Card. If optional and a meal is included, the payment is to be made with personal funds and reimbursement for the meal (maximum ISU meal amount applies) should be claimed on a Workday expense report.

Procurement Procedure:

To find the best way to procure the goods or services in this category,
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Will the supplier accept the a P-Card or T&H Card for the transaction?

[yes] [no]

Is the dollar value of the purchase over your P-Card limit?

[yes] [no]

Contact your Procurement and Expense Specialist (PES) at PES have higher limits on their P-Card and T&H Cards to assist departments with these types of transactions.

Use T&H Card or P-Card and retain any receipts and order forms to submit with your Workday expense report or PCV transaction.

For conference or similar registrations, contact to prepare a Workday Supplier Invoice to make payment. Alternatively you can request a non-catalog requisition in Workday. Include any accompanying information about the requested purchase to Procurement Services (i.e. order form, quote, email from supplier, etc.). If you need assistance creating a non-catalog requisition in Workday, email the information to