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Furniture - Office

Procurement Agent(s):
Tisha Campbell


This item can only be ordered through Procurement Services on a requisition. Procurement Cards cannot be used for furniture purchases.

Iowa State University has a Contractual Agreement with Storey Kenworthy to supply the Allsteel furniture product lines at a substantial discount. The use of this contract is mandatory for all new furniture purchases unless there is a substantial reason for utilizing another manufacturer. These reasons could include the matching of existing furniture or a furniture need that cannot be met by the contractor. This Agreement was established through a competitive bid process and allows us access to all of the Allsteel product lines at substantial discounts.

Allsteel has several pricing levels of furniture and files to meet the needs and budgets of all departments. Furniture can be designed and specified by the FPM Interior Designers (Rebecca Cantrall (294-0015) or Judy Dugan (294-0010). Your department can submit a service request to FPM and one of the designers will be assigned to your request.

For answers to most furniture questions, visit the Furniture FAQ Page, or for warranty information visit the Furniture Warranty Information page.

Allsteel Furniture/Storey Kenworthy

Procurement Procedure:

Submit a non-catalog requisition with any quotes or specifications from the FP&M designers or other pertinent information if requested. If you need assistance creating a non-catalog requisition in Workday, email the information to