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All laptop and desktop computers purchased for use by campus personnel or using campus funds should meet the recommended ISU purchase standards. Quotes can be obtained from the TechCYte for academic departments or your analyst in Information Technology Services (ITS) for administrative units. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting ISU vendor sites for Dell, HP, and Apple. To review purchase recommendations visit the Desktop Standards Website. No central University support will be available for units purchased from non-contracted vendors.

Because of inventory and contract issues, the ISU Procurement Card cannot be used to purchase computers or parts to assemble computers. Requests for computers that are not purchased through cyBUY or TechCYte must be routed to Procurement Services for processing on a requisition.

Vendor pricing can be seen by following the links from the ITS Sales website or by accessing the Dell contract in the cyBUY contract marketplace in AccessPlus





ISU currently has contracts with the following vendors. Information on the contracts can be seen at the contract page links below:




 ISU also has a contract with CDWG for Fujitsu tablets (see link below)

CDW Government - Fujitsu Tablets

Procurement Procedure:

To find the best way to procure the goods or services in this category,
please answer each of the following questions by clicking [yes] or [no].

Is the brand of computer you want to purchase Apple, HP or Dell?

[yes] [no]

Utilize cyBUY for HP or Dell purchases or contact TechCyte for assistance in purchasing a Dell computer.

For Apple, contact TechCyte or send an intramural to TechCyte with an Apple Store Proposal.

Create a requisition in Workday with any accompanying information about the requested purchase to Procurement Services (i.e. order form, quote, email from supplier, etc.). If you need assistance creating a requisition in Workday, email the information to