Card Renewals and Recertification 

A large number of Iowa State University Cards are up for renewal this summer!  These cardholders will be receiving our New Custom Iowa State University P-Cards and T&H Cards as well as an invitation to the corresponding recertification Canvas Course for that card (or two invitations to two recertification courses if both your P-Card and your T&H Card are up for renewal).


Card Renewals

Please remember the following regarding Iowa State University card renewals:

  • Cards remain valid through the end of the month of expiration.
  • Renewal cards will be sent directly to the cardholder’s billing address between the 20th of the month prior to the expiration date, through the 10th of the month of expiration.
    • For example, if your card has an expiration date of 8/23, you should expect to receive a renewal card in the mail between July 20th and August 10th.
  • Reach out to the Card Services Team ( or 515-294-7024) if you:
    • Encounter an issue when making a reservation for dates that are past the expiration date on your T&H Card (ex: hotels and rental cars).
    • Are transferring departments or units.
    • Are separating from the university.
    • No longer need your Iowa State University T&H Card or P-Card.



The Card Services Team is checking card expiration dates monthly and sending two emails to individuals whose card expiration dates are approaching.  The first email is a notification of the need for recertification, and the second email will be an invitation to the corresponding Canvas Course (P-Card or T&H Card). 

Please note that individuals with both a T&H Card and a P-Card will receive two separate email invitations, one for each corresponding Canvas Course.  The course invitations are being sent out based on the card expiration date, so if your T&H Card has an expiration date three months after your P-Card expiration date, you will receive the course invitations at different times.

When you receive an email, you will need to accept the Canvas invitation to enroll as a student in the designated course.  The recertification course (P-Card or T&H Card) has been designed to refresh your knowledge of card guidelines and restrictions and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Recertification is a critical component of the Iowa State Card Programs and essential for meeting State and Internal Audit Requirements.  Recertification is required every four years in order to protect both Iowa State University and you as the cardholder as well as to meet program and audit requirements.


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